If you want your memorial to be special and want a little more than the standard personal designs, this is the option for you.

The Personal design category provides you with two options:

  • Allows you to either choose from one of the many Personal designs on the following pages or…
  • Combine up to two different design elements from any Personal or Classic design.
  • Our personal design series includes the following:

    • • Personal or Classic design
    • • Standard letter styles & fonts
    • • 20 Premium Granite colors
    • • Unlimited lettering
    • • Any combination of Design Book elements or emblems
    • • Approval sketch (fax, mail or email)
    • • Premier Memorial warranty
    Also add on these great options:

    • Picture portrait options
    • Polished edges
    • Gold leaf lettering
    • Additional lines of engraving
    • Standard emblems
    • Shape carving
    • Hand tooling and carving
    • Bronze emblems
    • Frosting/etching
    • Color shading
    The popular Personal design series is a great way to create a memorial that is timeless and unique to your loved one.
    The following selection of graphics is only a partial range of the many more that we have in our library. Please contact us if you don’t see what works for your loved one’s memorial.

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