Fonts, Special Lettering and Emblems


Font Tips:

Here you will see a sample of tried and true memorial typestyles for letter carving in stone. Your selection of memorial typestyles is subject to the length of inscription in the area allowed. Your selection of granite color can also be a factor. Please allow our memorial artists to adjust or change a typestyle preference for one with a greater durability for the inscription and granite color you choose.

Special Lettering

This is only selection of available foreign language typestyles. Contact us with your sepcific needs. (samples of special lettering)


Civic, Religious or Military Emblems are used to convey service
A symbol or emblem can signify a person’s service or belief. If the person served their country in the military or their community you can add a symbol as a tribute and recognition. If religion played a special part in their lives you can add a symbol that reflects their devotion.

Gold Leaf

Gold leaf is an option to beautify carved lettering and artwork on granite. Premier Memorial uses only 23k gold in this carefully applied gliding process.

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