Porcelain/Stainless Steel

This process creates a premium, state-of-the-art photo ceramic image on porcelain. For upright memorials we use the finest solid European photo ceramic porcelain. For flat memorials we use fine porcelain overlaid on sixteen gauge stainless steel. We offer oval, rectangular, circle and heart shapes in full color, black and white or sepia tone. Photo ceramic memorial portraits can depict any image the family wants. The ceramic inks are fired into the porcelain at over 1500 degrees to make them a permanent part of the ceramic. Artisan ceramics have proven the test of time to retain crisp colors and lines over thousands of years; just like a fine Ming vase. All our porcelain memorial portraits are guaranteed against defects in quality and craftsmanship for the lifetime of the memorial to which they are attached. In addition, the portrait will be replaced free of charge if damaged due to vandalism. Typically, allow one to two weeks for delivery.

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